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quality assurance

The company to "food safety law" and the relevant laws and regulations, strictly regulate the company's production and business activities. Around the "customer's need for me to forge ahead and strive for excellence" quality policy, the establishment of a sound food quality and safety management system. The various departments of the company to cooperate with each other to work together to provide customers with quality products and services.



1, product research and development

We have experienced flavouring engineer team, can according to customer's needs and the properties of end products, provide sweet, salty flavor and sweeteners, such as targeted custom quality products for our customers.


2, process control

Regular assessment of suppliers, the use of advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials and the standardization of the production line of the core management. Strict testing and monitoring of all aspects of the production process, to ensure the market to provide safe and qualified products.


3, quality assurance

The products of the test requirement, the company equipped with advanced density detector, refractive index detector, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and complete microbial testing equipment, strict inspection of every batch of raw materials and products, strict guarantee product quality the first.


4, warehouse management

The company's capital cities in the country have set up offices or distributors, has a strong warehousing and distribution capabilities, can be in the shortest time to provide customers with products, shorten the customer's procurement time.


5, after-sales service

We can according to different types of customers to provide targeted products and services, provides the rationalization of product design, quality management advice and product development plan, in a timely manner to help customers improve product quality and stable quality to improve product competitiveness.